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Juy Summons


Jury Summons Notices

The St. Francis County Sheriff Department will be mailing out Official Court Document Jury Summons, from the St. Francis County Circuit Court within the next couple of days.

Should anyone receive a notice in the mail please fill out the complete questionnaire and return the document by mail to:

Bette S. Green, St. Francis County Circuit Clerk

The First Judicial Circuit-Summons Return

P.O. Box 1775

Forrest City, AR 72336-1775

or the document can be returned to the Circuit Clerk's office located inside the St. Francis County Courthouse, 313 South Izard, Forrest City, AR.

The Jury Summons must be completed and return to the courts within 10 days.


The Jury Summons which is randomly selected from information provided by the Arkansas Secretary of State's voter registration list in accordance with ARK. Code Ann. 16-32-302 states:

You are hereby ORDERED to report for jury service for a 4 month term of service or until excused by the court.

Report Date:  February 11,2013              Time: 8:30 AM


Requests for excusal or postponement: A person MAY be excused if the court finds that either the state of the juror's health or the juror's family reasonably requires his/her absence; OR when, in the opinion of the court, the juror's interests or those of the public will be materially injured by the juror's attendance. The law does not allow excusal because of occupation or employment.

No person will be excused solely due to inconvenience

Your request must state the nature of you conflict or hardship and must be received prior to your scheduled service date, unless it is a medical or personal emergency. Postponements are granted at the discretion of the Judge. You will be notified of the court's decision.

You MUST appear in person, unless you have been disqualified or excused by the court.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Circuit Clerk's Office: 870-261-1715 or confirm by calling 870-633-2035 or 1-800-570-5885 the night before

TDD Deaf phones: TDD User 1-800-285-1131

Voice Relay to TDD 1-800-285-1121

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