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Chapel Ridge Apartment Fire Victim Help


Chapel Ridge Apartment Victim Help


A fire tragically destroyed the homes of four families at the Chapel Ridge Apartments yesterday. There were no injuries, but the flames spread so quickly that there was no time for the families to salvage any of their belongings. All of their possessions were lost. At this time, it is believed that none of the residents had renter’s insurance.  Below is a list clothing sizes for the victims. 


The families need everything for the home. They will probably very quickly have enough clothing, but other household items will be desperately needed. As of today, the donations may be taken to the St. Francis County Jail. A larger venue may be needed and will be announced.


If you are donating clothing, please label the bags with the sizes. This will save time and effort.


Brenda May, wife of Sheriff Bobby May is coordinating efforts to provide for the victims. The American Red Cross has furnished hotel rooms for the displaced families.


An account, “Chapel Ridge Apartment Fire Victims Fund” will be set up in the morning at the First National Bank of Eastern Arkansas. A PayPal account has now been set up which will be connected to the bank account to accept on-line donations as well.


The PayPal account is, any and all donations will be appreciated. 


Let’s work together to help these families find safety and security once again.


Chapel Ridge Apartments-Fire Victims



Gender                Age                                              Pants                                Shirt   

Adult make         42                                        40/42                           XXL

Adult female       37                                         20                                XL

Girl                    14                                       12/14                           L         

Boy                   12                                        16                                XL

Boy                   7                                          10                                Med    

Boy                   4                                           7                                  Sm/Med

Boy                   1                                          18 mos                         diapers-size 4


Adult male         54                                          36/32                           XL

Adult female      41                                          14                                L/XL

Adult male         20                                          36/34                           XL

Male                 18                                         32/34                           M/L

Girl                    6                                           6                                  M

Boy                   6                                            7                                  L



Adult female      37                                            26                                4XL

Adult male         52                                            42/32                           XXL

Female              18                                          18                                XXL

Female              17                                          16                                XXL

Female              13                                          24                                XXL


Adult Male         57                                             36/34                           L

Adult female     26                                             9/10                             M

Boy                   7                                              7/8                               M


One resident is a handicapped male confined to a wheelchair. He wears adult diapers; he is approx. 32 in the waist and weighs about 160



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