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Fleeing Suspect Admits Consuming 2 Grams of Meth; Collapses in Transit to Jail and Dies


An early morning vehicle stop for a minor traffic offense has resulted in charges being filed against a St. Francis County woman,  Michelle Manues, age 31. A passenger in the Manues' vehicle, Erwin Terrell Motley, age  38, collapsed while in transport to the St. Francis County Jail for booking on drug charges.


     On  Saturday, April 9, 2011, at approximately 2:30 a.m.,  St. Francis County Sheriff’s Deputies Blake Hudson and Jerry Weatherford were on patrol in the Telico Trails Community, as well as Deputies Justin Sharpe and Jeff Nichols.  Deputy Hudson observed a 2006 Saturn Vue occupied by two persons, which was driving left of center. Deputy Hudson began to initiate a vehicle stop on Highway 336. The driver pulled over to the side of the roadway, but before the vehicle was completely stopped, the passenger opened his door; jumped from the vehicle and began to flee.


   St. Francis County Deputies pursued the suspect on foot into the woods.  The suspect ran in excess of 300 yards over  hills and through debris. The suspect was located hiding behind a tree. Deputy Hudson caught the suspect from behind. The suspect then turned; pushed the Deputy away; and his hands dropped out of the sight of the Deputy. Fearing for his safety, Deputy Hudson then used a taser to subdue the suspect. It was discovered while placing hand-cuffs on the suspect that he did  have a knife on his belt. The suspect was then identified as recent parolee Ervin Terrell Motley.


   Motley was escorted brought back through the wooded area to the Highway by the Deputies. Motley was asked had he taken any drugs and he stated that he had. The suspect was questioned as to what type of drugs he had taken. He stated that it was Meth (Methamphetamine). When asked how much Meth he had done, he told officers that he had done 1 gram of Meth 1 hour earlier and had swallowed another gram of Meth that he had in his possession when he saw the officers. As a standard procedure, he was questioned as to whether he needed medical assistance, which he replied he did not.


     Additional assistance was provided to Deputies Hudson, Weatherford,  Sharpe and Nichols at the scene, by Deputies Jonathan Parks and Josh Hutcherson. Deputies were able to locate various articles of drug paraphernalia used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine in the Manues vehicle and in the wooded area, which the suspect attempted to dispose of before being apprehended. These items were seized, documented, and taken  into evidence


   Motley was placed in the back seat of Deputy Jonathan Sparks’ patrol vehicle and Ms. Manues was placed in another vehicle for transport to the St. Francis County Jail. While in route, Deputy Parks was conversing with the suspect when the suspect stopped talking and collapsed. The Deputy had driven less than 3 miles from the point of arrest to Caldwell, Arkansas. He pulled into the Caldwell Fire Department. The other Deputies followed. Motley was taken from the vehicle and placed on the ground. As Cardio Pulmonary Respirations (CPR) were initiated by Deputy Hudson; Emergency Medical Services were immediately called and CPR was continued until the ambulance arrived and EMS personnel took over.


The suspect Ervin Terrell Motley was transported to the hospital via ambulance where he was pronounced deceased. The body is being sent to the Arkansas State Medical Examiner's Office in Little Rock, Arkansas to determine the exact cause of death. As standard procedure, the St. Francis County Sheriff’s Department has asked the Arkansas State Police to assist in the investigation.


Ms. Manues was transported to the St. Francis County Jail and booked on the charge of Possession of  Drug Paraphernalia.


/s/ Bobby May, Sheriff

St. Francis County, Arkansas


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