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Female Arrested in Connection to An Aggravated Robbery Incident


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A female identified as 30-year-old Amanda Darby of Widener, Ar. turned herself in on an outstanding Aggravated Robbery warrant.  On May 2, 2023, deputies responded to the Exxon in Heth, Ar. for an irate store employee.  The store's owner reported that Darby had recently been hired and was being trained when she decided that she didn't want to work anymore and demanded payment for the short time she worked.  The store's owner explained that she would be paid through the store payroll system, and it would take a couple days.  After being told that Darby became irate and threatening towards the owner.  Darby then walked outside the store and brought her boyfriend Matthew Utley back in the store and he also became threatening and tried to come behind the counter and threatened to damage the store if she wasn't paid.  Utley then made the statement that he would go out to his car and get a gun and kill him.  Even though Utley never brandished a gun the owner became extremely afraid and took $30 dollars out of the register and paid Darby and both Darby and Utley left the store.  Utley is also wanted for Aggravated Robbery.

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